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The Brush N' Go Hair Straightener is the newest and hottest beauty product that is breaking the internet right now! This revolutionary professional heated styling brush can straighten your hair in under 5 minutes!  It works BETTER and FASTER than traditional hair 'iron' style straighteners that simply burn your hair and take forever to work (... and yank and pull on your hair, and burn your ears
- AHH!)

Discover   this wonderful way to use Straight Brush to straighten your hair to have a nice, soft and smooth hair. With only 5 minutes of you time you  will have your desired results .

The Brush N' Go works on all hair types including thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, and Afro-Caribbean hair. It's time to embrace the future and ditch those irons! It is also safe to use on chemically-treated hair including permed and coloured hair.
*Disclaimer* The effectiveness and results of this product and will differ for everyone. Please consider your hair type, hair history, hair maintenance, and pre-hair-styling rituals. But also, don't knock it until you've tried it! There are many tips, tricks, hacks, and shortcuts to getting even the most unruly and uncontrollable manes to straighten and shine!

Gone are the days of using a blow dryer, round brush, and straightening iron for hours! Lets reclaim our time back in the morning and start using the amazing new straightening brush the world is going crazy for. "HOW?" you ask? The Brush N' Go will straighten your hair just by powering it on and brushing (... for this part, we trust that you are beautiful, intelligent, ambitious women that know how to brush your hair ;) ) This badboy is ready to use in a whopping 30 seconds after turning it on